industrial valve manufacturer

Company ABO valve (member of Siwatec Group) is the biggest producer of butterfly and check valves for industrial applications in the Czech Republic. 

International certifications as TUV, GOSTR, DVGW, API 609-0068 or LIoyd's Register, history of more than 20 years, team of specilialists, certified system of management and other things are the guarantee of the quality of our products and services. 

We offer to our customers wide range of products in the area of valves: 

  • butterfly valves for general and industrial applications 
  • high performance valves with double and triple eccentricity 
  • knife gate valves
  • check valves
  • ball valves
  • and safety valves for the most demanding applications. 

We also offer a complex services (customer service) and professional consultancy.

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